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Blog Post No 65 Rose and I visit Swaledale usually when we stay at Hawes in Wensleydale. A long climb up the Buttertubs pass, then a steep decent to the Swaledale road junction. For a diversion turn left to Thwaite and then on through Angram to Keld where you get a real feel of the Dale. Retrace you steps and continue down the Dale to the tiny village of Muker.which is a short way past the afore mentioned road junction.

This image is the beginning of a track that leads further up the hillside. Painted many years ago there appears beyond the bridge a few of the houses and the church tower.

As the main aims of publishing these Blogs apart from showing my work,are to promote mainly YORKSHIRE, and improve viewers Knowledge and Practice of ART. Therefore I am looking at this painting with the benefit of hindsight and accumulated experience.

I am satisfied with the Composition which I keep banging on about and it is an O K painting ! However now I would definitely give more colour variation. It looks as if I was still using Black to create contrasts and Darks. Now I never use Black unless I have to, e g the Class 87 where it was necessary.

Now I would use say, Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson which gives many shades and nearly Black. And a range of purples and oranges and yellows together with a blue to vary the greens.

And I would give the leading figure and one of the guys on the bridge one of my trademark RED jackets.

Keep Safe