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Blog Post No 67. Here we have the promise of Spring in the fresh light green leaves of the tree leafage taking over from the shades of Autumn and Winter, which will soon be banished.

As far as I can remember, this is the pathway to Ghaistrills Strid which is almost in view further up the River Wharfe flowing well after rain in the hills. Tussocks of last year‘s vegetation stand tall breaking into the scrambling waters.

I have photographed this image from this position to include and emphasise the foreground fence posts. These add more verticals to the trees and shrubs, thus giving more structure to the COMPOSITION. It is always the composition which gives any picture a good START.

Rose with that little Touch of RED again gives scale and direction to the WALK.

We are now well into our third week of lockdown for coved 19. Creating these Blogs is a labour of love. It keeps me busy, and the concentration keeps the problems of the day at bay. And with the number of hits the Blog is getting, my hope is that not only are viewers enjoying the places that my paintings take you to, but that it inspires some to create artwork that it will give respite from thoughts of our present situation and give pleasure.

Good luck and STAY SAFE.