Hi I am Yorkshire artist Pete Lapish Introducing my new website www.pertelapish.art . By the way Lapish is pronounced Lay-Pish most people get this wrong for the first time.

I must apologise to all the people making the recorded thousands of hits whilst this site has taken such a long time to sort out and develop.

Two years ago when in the early stages of recovering from cancer I met my computer guru Mick Jones. Now a very good friend he has taught me all I know regarding the transfer of my created images, some originating in the 1970’s and 80’s into my computer. Then to process these images into the three 3:4 format I am able to present to viewers.

Social media has not been dealt with until recently and with which I am still a complete novice.

I am aware that my paintings, genre and times past have created much interest, having featured on several occasions in periodicals such as the Dalesman and in the press. The Yorkshire Evening Post even ran a double page spread after inviting readers to submit their reminiscences following receipt of two of my Leeds city centre prints. These being sent in from a collector in Canada.

All the paintings are accompanied by my observations and occasional hints and tips.

Genre paintings (dictionary definition – portrayal of scenes from ordinary life) are from where I and my wife have enjoyed visiting. These include the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Coastal Scenes, Railways, Canals and many varied locations. Other Paintings of city and tramways systems in times past are also included as well as colourful quirky modern art.

Many paintings contain people, often lots of people; and I do enjoy painting water in its many guises.

Totally self taught, I am an ex teacher and have been a professional artist for over 40 years, taking up artwork seriously after coming across the works of the Impressionists.

There is a direct link from the petelapish.art homepage to the Leeds city library ‘Leodis’ website. Here there are nearly EIGHTY of my Leeds area paintings – ‘NOT FOR SALE’.  Most of these have been shown for over 10 years. Informative writings with each image are by the library staff and myself.

The next of further collections of ten paintings with my comments is now in preparation to add to the site.

Another Blog will appear at about the same time. It will again contain a small spattering of useful information.

If you do log on, I hope that you will enjoy the www,petelapish.art presentation. I invite you to log in again to my expanded website and further blogs.

This website has been produced in association with Scarborough Digital.

Some Day I might have time to do more paintings, some of which are already on the stocks.