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Blog Post No 91……..Tramway Days again, one of my favourite subjects, but Scarborough this time ! It was probably in the 1990’s when I had the idea of travelling to Scarborough from Leeds. This to see if Scarborough Library had a portfolio of good, interesting images of the foreshore and harbour areas suitable for painting. They had, and I ordered a few to be printed for use as reference material to that end. And included was an expanded view of this image.

I was well into creating city tramway paintings at this time. The scenario for me would not be complete in many cases, including this one without an interesting group of buildings, trams plus other vehicles, and many people to give ‘ life ‘ to the painting.

Alterations to the original photograph are always made including the movement or removal of an item, introduction of others, and my ‘ popping in ‘ as many people as I think necessary. Each person to have a ‘ life of their own ‘ to give this momentum to to the painting.

Buildings are slightly altered, e g in this case sun shades added or removed.

Photos of this time were black and white ( or sepia ) so I have to make decisions when I am not familiar with a location regarding colours. Often in any case I enlighten to bring out detail and create an image to be enjoyed.

I always try to to find out the correct livery for the trams for the period that they are depicted, but that can be very subjective. This is included in all other research work that often has to be done.

Please enjoy and take care in these difficult and altering times