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Blog post No 146

I regret being absent for some time due to much activity ‘ behind the scenes ‘ . Reasons for my absence and inability to publish will be explained in ongoing Blogs.

Now to business ! This Blog follows on from my short series of ‘ How to draw people ‘ . This painting amongst many of my others illustrates the very useful way a figure or figures can play a key role in the scenario.

1 People ADD LIFE to the painting.

2 People can give a FOCAL point or points.

3 People bring SCALE to the surroundings.

4 It gives an OPPORTUNITY to add that often essential touch of colour ie RED that I often use to draw attention to that vital FOCAL point.

COMPOSITION still always the PRIORITY first before starting to draw up.

I have chosen this scenario of Luddenden in the Calder Valley rather than a tree lined lane to illustrate that in our long gone travelling and walking days we visited and I painted ‘ off beat ‘ as well as ‘ high profile ‘ situations. Also to illustrate various points listed above, much drawing to practice here !

Also in Aug 1840 Branwell Bronte was firstly an assistant clerk at Sowerby Bridge station on the Manchester and Leeds Railway before being promoted in Apl 1841 to Booking Clerk at Luddenden Foot station.

See everyone again soon