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Blog Post No One Hundred and Fifty ! ! ! A miracle.

All my Leeds images were researched and created between the 1970’s and the early 2000’s whilst still living in Leeds.

Here we have Woodhouse Lane leading up to the University. Trams would then proceed through Hyde Park Corner, Headingley, up the hill to West Park and on to the terminus at Lawnswood.

Compositionally there are a corner church spire and university tower dominating the left, the main focus the tram slightly off centre, with the buildings and tree enclosing the right of the scenario.

Very likely the Lance Corporal tram ( one of only three in the fleet ) would be a replacement by me from the original tram in the photo I used.

Adding to the interest, possibly a Ford Prefect car and a Standard Vanguard approach on the right, whilst a Morris Ten with it’s distinctive wheel feature on the boot lid follows the Leeds Corporation bus probably on it’s way to Cookridge.

In 1949 I could have got off this tram at it’s previous stop when visiting my grandparents on a Friday afternoon.

Much has been happening recently. Mike Hutchinson and I have been spending many hours in collaboration creating the new website and eventually a sales situation.

I know that some of you have been trying to contact me and it is with great regret that due to my inability to understand digital and access messages I have been totally frustrated. Indeed my machine has actually told me that I need an app to access. This has been totally untrue as Mike has stepped into the breach, found some and replied on my behalf. Working together, Mike is to be my “ Social Media Manager “, intercepting and responding to your messages.

At 83 I am like an old dog trying to learn too many new tricks,and I’m quite simply out of my comfort zone so I hope you will understand that this is the best solution that we can can come up with. If you have messaged me in the past and received no answer, please try again.

This hopefully will enable me to start painting again, as I have only managed one quite complex painting in the five years since my stage 4 cancer.

Stay Safe