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Blog Post No 147

One of my very infrequent posts at the moment ! Big changes are afoot for which I am spending many hours doing my part in the eventual reorganisation of the presentation of the site. As I am not the mastermind behind exactly how it will look this is all that I can say to you at the moment.

I must apologise to everyone who has contacted me and to whom I have not replied it is because despite trying repeatedly to find your messages l am unable to “ bring them up “. And I find the system impossible to navigate, deal with and respond to. Hopefully the CAVALRY in the guise of my new web designer will soon arrive and sort out my difficulties.

This painting as so many of my others contain some or many people and continues the theme of placing them in a scenario to give life, focussing points and scale. In addition in this scene I have used the image of a child to point at some element of a building which is being passed. This might encourage viewers to take a little time in examining the architectural content contained in this ancient street scene. and possibly using more building situations in drawing and paintings.